Kickball Kickoff!

Elementary school isn’t the only place kids play kickball. Today ten college kids got themselves out of bed on a Saturday morning and brought back the memories - running, diving, throwing, catching, passing, launching, rolling, frolicking, kicking and screaming. Team members included:
  • Toni-Lyn “Veteran Pitcher and Announcer” Keller
  • Chase “This Is Gonna Be Iffy” Vaughan
  • Shaw “Oh Wait, I Have an Idea” Rowe
  • Josh “Yeah, We’re Coming” McKinnon
  • Matt “Back Up, He’s Kicking” Conover
  • Travis “Kick It Right Here Baby” Hellstrom
  • Jodie “Delete That Picture!” Hall
  • Edmond “Base Diving” Bailey
  • Megan “No, Don’t!” Rowe
  • Heather “Let’s be The Cool Kids” Davis
For the pyramid, for the laying down line-up, for the still shot base dive, for the crumpling first base gut shot, for the long distance catches, for the long distance misses, for the hits, bunts, fake-outs, laughs, craziness and friendship, thank you each very much. It’s fun to be able to relax with friends who can have so much fun together. I think the grass stains will come out, but I have a feeling the smiles are going to stay right where they are.