Impermenance is around us all the time and especially evident to me in my conversations with my friends and family. Unlike life, AIM has a “save as” button which allows me to catalogue conversations for the future. When I do save conversations though, that really brings something home to me: saving it isn’t what’s important. What is important is that it happened, that the conversation was shared, and that two or more people grew and learned together from one another.
Love, friendship, sharing, learning, listening, talking and caring about other people happens here and now. I listen, I share, I listen, I share and it’s over. We move away. We think. We reflect. We change. We learn. We become better people and we move on to other conversations. It is difficult, wonderful, beautiful and sad all at the same time but it is life and living. I love my friends and my family very much and I think about them very often throughout the day, but something much deeper flows throughout my time with each of them. Somehow my journey in life is intimately threaded throughout the people around me. Each stranger I greet and open a door for, each teacher I thank and learn from, each friend I spend hours with talking about life, each sibling I hug and play with and laugh with, each moment I share with others defines me in a very real way. I can’t click a “save as” button on my life and I think it is best I can’t. Loving it as it happens is the best way to live it I think; loving each moment and letting it go, savoring each smile and letting it go, sharing each word and letting it go.
Thank you all so much for so many wonderful memories, for so many wonderful adventures and great conversations. It is a pleasure knowing so many wonderful people and existing in between so much love and friendship and care and goodness. I look forward to many great moments and I am glad to have had this moment to write about just a few of them.