December Adventure!

I am almost speechless at the collective awesomeness of Eagle Team and Bravo Team. You all hiked dozens of miles in below freezing weather, faired a pitch black set-up of camp, sang beautiful songs at well past midnight, laughed and giggled and played around for hours and hours and somehow still carried thousand pound packs and gear all the way back to the park entrance all within a 24-hour period. Mama Bird, Hawk-eye, Rooster, Gully, Wise Owl, Osprey and Albatross...I don't know what else to say. You are all awesome, fun, wonderful, great, talented, rugged, impressive, funny, soothing, enjoyable, cheerful and outstanding. You make me very happy and very proud to be a part of Eagle Team. Thank you all for everything and thank you especially to Albatross, Osprey, Gully and Rooster for great individual and group pictures! I look forward to more adventures soon and until then I will continue to reflect on your awesomeness, just like in the movie. : )

- Eagle 1 Out -