December Adventure!

This weekend was I think the best camping trip of my life. I have been on many trips, with many people, in many places, but this was the best yet. As I said in my Adventures journal, I am almost speechless at the collective awesomeness of Eagle Team and Bravo Team. Eagle Team was respresented by Anna “Mama Bird” Garrett, Danielle “Hawk-eye” Dolan, Josh “Rooster” Canup, Chase “Gully” Vaughan, Zoe “Wise Owl” Murray and Travis “Eagle 1” Hellstrom. Bravo Team was represented by Jodie “Osprey” Hall and Shaw “Albatross” Rowe. Together we hiked dozens of miles in below freezing weather, faired a pitch black set-up of camp, sang beautiful songs at well past midnight, laughed and giggled and played around for hours and hours and somehow still carried thousand pound packs and gear all the way back to the park entrance all within a 24-hour period. Everyone was so awesome, fun, wonderful, great, talented, rugged, impressive, funny, soothing, enjoyable, cheerful and outstanding. Maybe that is why this was the best camping trip I have every had. Maybe it’s also why I’ve never been happier or prouder to be part of Eagle Team.
I really appreciate the opportunity to be around so many wonderful people and I hope that I thank each of my wonderful team members throughout our winter break and then long after. Thank you all for everything and thank you especially to Albatross, Osprey, Gully and Rooster for great individual and group pictures! I look forward to more adventures soon and until then I will continue to reflect on your awesomeness, exactly like the movie. : )

- Eagle 1 Out -