Baby Steps

Ever had a day where you planned to do a lot and then…didn’t do it? Man have I. Too many it seems some times. It’s like planning, goal setting, priorities and task lists can be so fun and hopeful but then the accomplishment of those things can be downright depressing. First you have goals, then priorities, then outlined tasks and then the needed action itself. At first I say, “I have to study atleast 3 hours tonight for Zoology.” This is a good start, but then I take it a step further, “Tonight I plan to study Zoology from 6 to 9pm.” Even better, but still it’s not a very specific goal. How about this one, “From 6 to 9pm tonight I am going to take my Zoology review materials for my final and I’m going to compile my list of review session notes, my class notes and the figures we need to study all into one document.” Personally, this is much more guiding and helpful. Now I know what I am shooting for and I can even plan to meet with other students with this document to share it, tweak it and eventually even approach the teacher to see how the old tests compare to what I’ve been studying.
In What About Bob? Dr. Leo Marvin (played by Richard Dreyfuss) treats a sociopath named Bob Wiley (played by Bill Murray). In their first session together, Dr. Marvin gives Bob a book called Baby Steps. It is about setting small, reasonable goals to help one get through the day. I think those “baby steps” are helping in the goal setting I am talking about. We have to be reasonable with ourselves and often patient in reaching our goals, however big they might be.
"When thinking about leaving Bob,” said Dr. Marvin, “don’t think about everything you have to do to get out of this building. First just think about everything you have to do to get out of this room, then the office, then the hallway…see?”

“Baby steps…” said Bob. Baby steps.