What is love? What is thanksgiving? What is family? You got me. That’s a tough question. Well, it’s a tough question to answer in words. Come with my Kentucky and I can show you, laugh with us and you can hear it, hug us and you can feel it, look at us and you can see it, kiss us and you can taste it? Whatever it is, it’s an experience. It’s a way of living and showing and sharing and thinking and being. I felt it sleeping in a Anna-made quilt bed on the floor, I tasted it in turkey gravy and hot dogs, I hear it in my dad’s laugh during Tremors, I squeezed it between my arms as I grabbed onto my brother and sister. You know what else, I think I felt it when I was driving home. I heard it in other people’s voices when we spoke after a welcomed break from school, I saw it in their eyes as we laughed over our fun experiences, I tasted it in Josh’s homemade cookies (even the orange ones). I know you feel it. What do you think it is? How do you get more of it? Weird enough, I bet you get it when you hand it at someone else. Happy Thanks-giving.