Over the last several hours, I have participated in many adventures. As the soft green light on my small glowstick medallion fades out, my evening comes to a slow and definite close. Our adventures took us from small Buies Creek on the road to Charlotte, home of Paramount’s Carowinds (and Scarowinds) while traveling in my Mercury Cougar and defying all laws of modern physics. Chris McMillan and Joshua Sands were my companions and fun, excitement and surprise were our muses. All in one day we dropped from up in the sky in Drop Zone, hurled through wooden crossbeams and tresses in The Hurler, gunned through tight turns and dives in Top Gun, rushed through gold mines and tunnels in Goldrusher, did our doo-ty in Scooby Doo’s Haunted Mansion, road through both North and South Carolina on Thunder Road, splashed our way through the Rip Roarin’ Rapids, haunted our way through Scarowinds, and then assimilated into the park’s most popular ride, the Borg Assimilator. Until recently, my love of roller coasters and theme parks was well hidden. Now I really enjoy myself at these parks and riding these rides. The front seat in Top Gun, for example, is awesome. Chris and I road it three times, once at midnight to finish the trip. Everything was so fun, and the company was so great. I appreciate all the excitement that Josh and Chris brought to the paramount day, I really enjoyed my Saturday this weekend and I am glad I was able to go. Long live the three adventurers…and the yellow duck too.

We're there baby!

When we arrived the clouds broke, what a beautful day!

Scoooooby Dooooby Doo! Ru-Oh!

Enveloped in Scarowinds's misty smoke

Passing the entrance and crossing the state line on our way out

All of us were all tuckered out before we got back at 3am