Museum Menagerie!

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is awesome, impressive, wonderful, free and very educational. I was blessed to go with Amy Lee this Friday for what ended up being a six hour adventure, and to also join with Chase who came into the endeavor after the first couple hours. Zoology provided the spark that became the flame of learning, education, friendship and fun which engulfed us all Friday evening. We searched every floor together for little clues to answer our review questions on the museum, while at the same time scouring all the information for our own edification. We saw snakes, birds, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, salamanders, butterflies, cicadas, moths, beetles, pranting mantises, dinosaurs, stars, rifles, whales, moles, chipmunks, lizards, frogs, ants, turtles, fish, alligators, pythons, wood, rocks, superwomen, giant sloths, invisible sloths, flies, animal crackers, puppets, bears (both species: mommais and cubbis), owls, tectonic plates, earthquakes, soil samples, peaks and creavices, canopies and root systems and then even a little jazz music mixed in at the end. Who would have known that our museum would have so much? I certainly did not until I experienced it myself.

It was such a beautiful trip, I would recommend it to everyone (especially learners of both the big and small variety). I was pleased to see so many young children there learning, if only the littlest of things. Together with Amy and Chase, I was able to be a little bit like a little child again while trying to soak it all in. Thank you both very much for making our trip so enjoyable. I love being around you both and I certainly enjoyed being around you on Friday, with or without the invisible sloth. Maybe next time, maybe next timeā€¦