Today’s Homecoming activities were very exciting, enjoyable and rewarding. Congratulations to a great staff, administration and leadership team for making it such an exciting time for each of us. I was able to help with Circle K, Pre-Med Allied Health and Sauls Hall while still having plenty of time to enjoy myself.
First we started this morning with our Circle K table in the street fair area next to Marshbanks and the Fountain. There we showed our club movie, had Randy and Chase advertising the Haunted Trail in full character, gave out flyers and information and also helped explain Circle K to quite a few passersby. Thanks to Anna, Chase, Randy, Arnold, Troy and Chris this went on awesomely from 10am to 3pm.
Next was the parade! We had ourselves what really became a fun-filled hay ride for both kids and adults (or big kids) starring:
  • Terrific Kids: Matt, Savannah, Daniel, Jeremy, Patton, Gavin, Abby and Corbin
  • Circle Kers: David, Jenn, Anna, Amy, Jodie, Shaw, Travis and Zoe
  • Kiwanians: Jerry and Lloyd
What a little adventure! We all had a wonderful time and it was great getting to meet some many nice kids. You were all Terrific Kids! Even you big college adult sized ones. Thanks everyone!