Haunted Trail!

This past weekend has been highly eventful and supremely wonderful. I was able to enjoy three action-packed nights of fun and terror at the Campbell Circle K Haunted Trail, starting October 28th and running until October 30th from dark to midnight each night. In the spirit of last year’s success, we were able to gather 300+ people on our first two nights and 460+ by our third night. These estimations do not yet include the money being gathered through advanced ticket sales and thus are expected to reach real admission numbers of over 500 for the weekend once all the numbers are in.
This means a few things for us as a club. First, we’re awesome. Second, our community is awesome. Third, Halloween and Haunted Trails are awesome. Fourth…we’ve done a lot of good and had a lot of fun. Together as a club we were able to gather hundreds of volunteer hours in one weekend with the collective effort of over 40 people who worked tirelessly in very cold conditions during very long nights. Together as a club we were able to scare and delight hundreds of people from our community as young as elementary school age children and as old as fifty and sixty year old adults. Together we set an example of what can be accomplished by many for the sake and enjoyment of many. I hope that together we may rejoice in all of our hard work. We have all learned a lot more about ourselves, been able to help others in our community and also helped to raise money for charities which will put our donations to good use. In our lifetimes we have chances to surprise ourselves, to learn more about what we are capable of, and to help others grown along with us. The Haunted Trail has been one of these surprising, learning and growing experiences for me and for that I am very thankful. I appreciate the creativity, vision, hard work, dedication, humor and endurance that so many have shown to such a tremendous project and I hope that my hard work will continue to reflect that appreciation. Thank you all very much, Chase, Danielle, Anna, Lloyd, Randall, Earl, Josh, Matt, Chris, Joshua, Michael, Tahlia, Ashley, Lenny, Amy, James, Leechee, Katherine, Ari, Adam, Samy, Arnold, Justin, Troy, Ron, Phillip, Laura, Ray, Scott, Brooke, Philip, Lauren, Jenn, Shaw, Wyatt, Brittany, Jodie, Daniel, Randy, Jim, Vita, Nick, Toni-Lyn, Leighanna, Elias, Mom and Dad.