The second annual Haunted Trail has gone of wonderfully with over 500 people having attended and over $2300 raised for charity. In our lifetimes we have chances to surprise ourselves, to learn more about what we are capable of, and to help others grown along with us. The Haunted Trail has been one of these surprising, learning and growing experiences for me and for that I am very thankful. I appreciate the creativity, vision, hard work, dedication, humor and endurance that so many have shown to such a tremendous project and I hope that my hard work will continue to reflect that appreciation. Thank you all very much, Chase, Danielle, Anna, Lloyd, Randall, Earl, Josh, Matt, Chris, Joshua, Michael, Tahlia, Ashley, Lenny, Amy, James, Leechee, Katherine, Ari, Adam, Samy, Arnold, Justin, Troy, Ron, Phillip, Laura, Ray, Scott, Brooke, Philip, Lauren, Jenn, Shaw, Wyatt, Brittany, Jodie, Daniel, Randy, Jim, Vita, Nick, Toni-Lyn, Leighanna, Elias, Mom and Dad.

After this, we all went out on Monday night to Trick or Treat for UNICEF. Beautiful women, free money and candy, long walks under the stars, exciting adventures in the beginnings of winter and all on a Halloween night after a weekend of work for charity? How beautiful things can be and how beautiful people can be, it truly amazes me. Sometimes I can find just the right words to say, but sometimes I can’t find any. Thank you all so much, Anna, Danielle, Jodie, Ari and Shaw.