Daylight Savings

In spring there exists the hour that never was. In fall there exists the hour that was…twice. Yes, my friends, you heard right. It’s Daylight Savings Time. On the last Sunday of October there exists an hour, between 1am and 2am, that exists twice. I was awake to experience this in all of its Microsoft Windows XP animated glory. I sat down aided by my DST ally (Chase) at 1:59 AM to see what would happen. What happened was truly earth shattering and I will re-enact it to share that experience with you viewers:
There I was, with the clock function opened up, watching the seconds tap by…1:59 AM and 45 seconds, 46, 47, 48…then I took a drink…55, 56, 57, 58, 59…(this felt like eternity)…1:00 AM!

Yes, both you, I, Microsoft and the whole Eastern Standard Timed United States saw it right: we had reached the hour we past an hour ago. We had been transported directly from 1:59 AM to 1:00 AM with the nod of the President himself as he slumbered away in his White House comforter for one extra hour. Amen to that, and amen to this extra hour. I’ve spent a third of it writing this and looking for the President’s schedule for comformation, now I’ll spend the other two thirds doing what I figure the President has been doing all along, enjoying his extra hour of sleep. Goodnight my old timers, goodnight and sweet daylight savings time dreams.