I think we all have an amazing opportunity, as individuals and ultimately collectively as a people. Everyday we are presented chances to make differences in other people’s lives and we can do all kinds of things with that time. What’s truly amazing, I think, is how often those opportunities arise.
If there are such things as miracles, human made or otherwise, I don’t figure they would need to be very big. Something as small as opening a door for someone can create a chain of events which might effect hundreds of other people. You don’t have to be too creative to imagine this either. Say a girl walks through a door you opened, smiles at you, walks away a little happier and a few seconds ahead of schedule. Later down the road, she crosses pathes with another girl who was just about to finish off a horrible day. However, because they get to talking, the second girl leaves with a much different attitude and the group she leads has a much different meeting than what might have happened. Friends and club members of her's are later inspired and go on to raise thousands of dollars through a successful project supported in that meeting. Hundreds of people later, with thousands of dollars of supplies, one small door makes a big difference.
I have written and spoken over and over about my experience with Circle K. In no small way, seven very unrelated people made a direct path for me which has lead to the formation of a group of students who I think are changing the world. It started with a town hall secretary, moving to a mayor, a chamber of commerce representative, a cooperation extensions employee, a local lawyer, a Physical Plant director and finally concluded with a Kiwanis Club. From there I am a different person, and Campbell is a different school. Dozens, if not hundreds of people are different also and likely thousands will ultimately be changed in some way due to the actions of very very few people.
When I start each morning with a meditation bowl, it is easy for me to fill my bowl only half way. I am not supposed to do this, but sometimes I prefer it. I have to walk from the bathroom back to my room down the hall and it’s easier not to spill a bowl if the water doesn’t reach the rim. Yet, that is not the point of the whole meditation bowl exercise. I am supposed to concentrate on my water which represents what I bring to the day, and I am supposed to be careful not to spill it while I place it in my room. It is with me throughout the day to remind me of staying present during all my activities and then at the end of the day, when I empty it, it is a reminder of how all my activities in this life will eventually be recycled into the earth itself.
Often the meditation bowl exercise is a battle between my time and my patience. I have to fight myself to take time and walk slow, fill the bowl high and meditate carefully. It is easier to sleep in, easier to fill the bowl half way, and easier to rush myself through the morning. However, choosing these paths really doesn’t help me much, or others for that matter.
Today I didn’t fill my bowl too high, and I still brought so much to the table. I didn’t plan on it, but I was able to be a little door opener throughout the day. I talked with many people who allow me to be an important part of their lives, I met with friends and peers who allow me to share in their activities, and I relaxed with teachers and classmates who help me to learn more about myself and my world. I could have been a secretary for someone today, a stepping stone for a great miracle that I will never see. Actually, I bet I was.