Life is Volunteer

I was able to talk with the Honors 101 class today about both the Habitat for Humanity chapter in the works here at Campbell and the Master Student Seminar I am developing this semester. As I was talking, and not so much when I was practicing what I was going to say, I realized that there was a pretty catchy idea being said by me to the class. “The honors program is volunteer,” I said, “and this seminar I am presenting is volunteer too. But everything you take here is volunteer…life is volunteer. Think of it more like an adjective than a verb. Life is volunteer.”
I’ve thought this before, though never so eloquently and never outloud. I think eloquent and catchy because it really brings out something true about each of us. We are choosing what we will do everyday, even if we let other people decide for us and that’s a lot of responsibility.
What have I decided to do with it? Currently I fall back to my major, my interest in Peace Corps, and my involvement in extra-curricular activities. Really, though, I think there’s more to it than that. Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s compassion, maybe it’s my conscience. Maybe it’s just that I’m hungry! Whatever it is, it is certainly worth thinking about.