Let It Begin

Being back at school has been wonderful, especially in the last few days. I have had time to fix up my room significantly, though it is still not finished, and I have also had the time to relax with my old friends and meet plenty of new friends. I am going to be RA this year in Sauls on the third floor, assisting the residents of what is now the “New Layton” as I like to call it. I have new friends here who are in their 30’s and 40’s and some who are barely 20, like myself. There are brand new students who have never been to college before, and there are others who will graduate in four months and have been my friends as long as I’ve been in school. I am very excited by all of the newness of Campbell, and surprised by the achievements of such a modest university. I am proud to say I go to Campbell University, which surprises me sometimes. There are great things happening here, one person at a time, and I am very fortunate to have been one of the results of great events. I am also thankful to be one of those events in the lives of others, who may well help some people make change for the better. I wish everyone the very best this year, and hope to act in a way which encourages that every day. Good luck, good luck, let it all begin.