Kudos to Kodak

Unbelieveable. A single video did me in, I am switching back to Kodak after having two wonderful experiences with them today. First, I broke my camera again for the third time in three years. I am a habitual dropper on the poor thing, and one out of ten times when I drop it the battery door breaks. It's pretty amazing that it doesn't break more often really. The small fragile hinges on the door snap when the acceleration of gravity yanks the entire mechanism to a new low, splintering everywhere in sight. This time, in fact, I didn’t even find the battery door as it shuttled across the floor at the Circle K International Convention. All I have left is its small little hinge. Sad, I know, but hark Kodak is there to help.
I called up Kodak like I did two years ago when the same thing happened. They have spare parts in their warehouse somewhere and after talking to a gentleman for a while, my battery door parts are on their way. Last time I ordered one, the girl gave me another for no charge. This time I ordered two also and I am excited to get the part soon. I will start back to picture taking immediately.
And when I do, I will begin to update a new place for my albums. In the past I have used Yahoo! for my picture storage. They are unlimited in their pictures, but I have not always liked the resolution. You can’t see much of the pictures individually, which I have always wanted remedied. Also, the albums aren’t in order by date, they are in order by name which I don’t like all too much. Kodak.com has been the only site I have ever found which beats Yahoo! KodakGallery.com has want I’ve always wanted; high quality pictures, unlimited numbers of pictures and albums in good organization. Not only that, but they have one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen. Parts of it have been shown on television commercials, but here is the full version. I am very pleased that Kodak works so hard for all of their customers. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, I appreciate it very much. I hope other people enjoy Kodak services as much as I have.