Tampa International

I’m sitting at Tampa International waiting for our flight to Chicago-Midway. I was a little worried earlier after hearing so much in the news about terrorism on the airlines but now that I am here, I’m not so worried. Mostly, for me, because I think the security measures taken at the front of the gate were very thorough. As a kid I never worried much about flying in airplanes, and I’ve not been on many flights. So as events recently have created difficulty in the mass transit world, I’ve had plenty of time to think about things without having any positive experiences to reassure me.
And as far as positive experiences go, I feel like I have really been in a blessed position lately; I’ve gotten to go to Melbourne to see some great long time friends, I’m going to Chicago this week for six days to visit some of Nan’s friends, see Body Works, and other museum sights and city highlights and a few days after I arrive back from Chicago I will be hosting my great friends Michael and Jonathan as they visit Gainesville for about six days. A summer of studying is ending with quite a few firework-style blasts. If those three weren’t enough, the Circle K International Convention then takes place after I arrive back in North Carolina with the two awesome boys. Two days of rest after that five day blast, I will be taking on an exciting challenge of a test called the MCAT with a relaxing more back into school the following day.
As painful as planning can be for some, I have always enjoyed it. My problem has always been planning too much! And in fact, this entry is a great example. I am working hard to enjoy my time as it happens minute by minute, while still planning some to keep my excitement high. The plane is hear and we are starting to get antsy, it will probably be a while but eventually we will all be in Chicago starting quite a little adventure indeed!