Mark Young

I feel extremely motivated after speaking with Mark Young after our last class together, Physics with the Princeton Review. He was accepted into Northwestern University from their waiting list and had to tell them his decision in two weeks, he accepted. He put down a thousand dollars on an apartment last week and was ready to start in August. Four days ago he received a call from another school, who told him he was accepted into their school. He accepted, giving up his scholarship at Northwestern. He will be attending Johns Hopkins in the Fall. I couldn’t believe I heard it, but after I talked to him I realize now that it is something that a good person can achieve. In Mark’s words, it can be the luck of the draw. After you get an interview, a lot of your success has to do with how well you perform there. He said his interview at Georgetown (ranked #46 on US News and World Report) didn’t go well and he didn’t get it. He said his interview at Johns Hopkins (ranked #1 on US News and World Report) did go well and he’s been accepted. I told him I’m really excited for him and I hope he does well. He appreciated my letter to him and I told him I’d like to stay in touch. If I ever needed any help or any questions answered, he said he’d be glad to help.