Happy Sparkeler Times!

I have really enjoyed the time I had this last month with my brother Elias. When my mom and he came to pick up Leighanna from Melbourne, Elias decided to stay here in Gainesville with me for a week and a half. It has been great for me to escape from my studying with him, to play on the Playstation, to go swimming, to drive around town and to watch movies together. Amazingly, we successfully viewed three trilogies during his stay: Indiana Jones, Back to the Future and the Pink Panther (the middle three). Talk about partying, man, we were beeboppin' and a skattin' all over the place. I've learned Nan was right, my brother is never too big to carry. I've also learned no matter how big I am Elias will always be able to pick me up. You can click below for some pictures of our adventures and a special commentary on our July 3rd Celebration (enter the Mantis). Thanks for staying Eli! Hey, wanna play Kingdom Hearts?