Happy Sparkeler Times

Happy July 3rd! My brother and I have officially celebrated the holiday, old-man-bike and sparkeler-style. We gathered our sparkeler gear, packed our pockets full of phosphorus matches and struck out on our Miami Sun three-wheeled beach bike. One lap around the neighborhood sufficed. We passed plenty of pleased peasantry on the way and made a miraculous time (from this point on Elias and Travis each added a word at a time) of doing great things with us. Happy Sparkeler Times we have succeeded! Now we will write about the new encounter with the July Praying Mantis. Travis almost fainted in seeing the mantis named “Killer”, jumping onto the camera that Travis threw to the ground. The batteries flew out of the camera, while he screamed like a girl. The mantis then jumped onto his leg while Travis threw around his leg trying to get it off, but the mantis clung to his sock and that was that. Happy 3rd of July!