We'll See

My grandma has been gone to Chicago with my grandpa for a little while now. I’ve been in the house alone for about half of that time, with the other half spent with my family last week as we traveled down to Melbourne to visit with the Donisi’s and get Shayla so she could stay up in Hickory for a few weeks. I was laying in the pool over at my cousin’s house this afternoon after mowing the lawn and Aunt Mary came over as I was floating along. "Doesn’t it seem like Nan’s been gone for a long time?" she said. I didn’t say anything, I started thinking. She then said, "Well, it seems like longer to me. It seems like a month even." It seems like a week, I thought to myself. For the record, it’s been 16 days. I can see why we would both think what we do. I’ve barely been in the house alone for more than a week and they are coming back in two days. My aunt dropped them off two weeks ago and things slowed down some for her without her mother around. They hang out a lot and talk at least once a day. I’m just starting to get productive. Kind of. Not really. Man, I’m scrappy, barely studying and finding every other possible thing to do while I’m not studying, like clearing out my computer’s memory, making CD’s for my mom, watching Cosmos episodes, updating my journal, yadda yadda. I think I am used to having summers where I take a break from the old grind of school. This summer has not really been that, which is surprising to me I think. I feel like sleeping a lot and being lazy. But I’m kind of getting tired of being lazy too. Studying is kind of fun, I need to just get to it. We’ll see. Ha!