How do you thank all the people you want to thank? How do you thank all the people in the history of your country and the history of your profession, that have done so much to help you, even those people who are alive today who you can't thank because they’re so busy? How do you thank those people and show them that what they have done has meant a lot to you?
I think that maybe one answer is that you should live your life in reflection of what they did. You should care about what they did enough to live it out in your own life. I think Martin Luther King Jr. in that way thanked Gandhi for his work, as many students have done for their mentors. In my life, I have a lot of people that I would like to thank such as Rachel Naomi Remen, Mrs. Rights, my community leaders, my country, my parents; people who have in many ways given up what they had and given up their own wants to help me and to help others. Truly I think that that is part of what caring about others is, living in a way that respects others and shows your own care for the future, your appreciate for your life and for each day that you are living.