Smarty Pants

It looks like my class work is going to take a bit of a turn. Typically, students in the Princeton Review course have homework after class which they complete after attending the review of the chapters during class. It has been my intention to study before class, however, so that I would be up on things and have only a few questions about the topic when I got to class. For example, we will be studying Verbal 3 & 4 during tomorrow night’s class. During my old plan, I would have already completed Verbal 1 & 2, as well as Verbal 3 & 4 before attending class. All homework assignments would be done, the chapters would be highlighted, answered and completed and all questions regarding that section would be compiled to be answered that class. This has some downfalls. It is difficult to go through the class work before class, at least at a very in depth level. The class is structured in a way that doesn’t assume that level of knowledge when attending class and furthermore, after attending the review during class all the material in the covered sections becomes much much easier to go through. The instructor lays out a real map for each chapter and the traps and difficulties are outlined easily for us students. Because of these things, I am changing the way I am approaching this class. I will go over the material coming up by reading each chapter before we cover it in class, I will complete the homework right after class, and I will keep up with my questions so that before the next class I can ask for answers to any of my concerns. On this track, I am not behind class and I think I will definitely perform much better. I have never been a great studier, but I think I can become better. I will do that not by studying harder but by studying smarter. The goal is to understand the material and I think I see how I can do that in the best way and the smartest way.