Sleep Walking

How about that feeling you get when you sit down so long that when you get up your legs are asleep? It’s like pins and needles through both of your legs from your hips to the tips of your toes that you hardly ever feel expect for when they’re asleep. You get up and feel like sitting down, but you can’t. You want to laugh cause it’s kind of funny, but it isn’t. You know you have so start walking but it is painful, sort of painful, sort of just weird. The more you walk the more it goes away, but just barely. And at first it feels like it’s not going away at all, so you walk a step, stop, and then stand then moaning and laughing and feeling pathetic. How could I sit down so long? Calvin and Hobbes is just that good when you’re sitting on the comode I guess. Finally, after what seems like a hundred feet of drudgery, it’s gone. On to the next hundred feet of drudgery. Atleast the last hundred was entertaining.