Second Gear

I feel like I’ve come a long way on my path to becoming prepared for the MCAT test in August. That being said, I think it is most appropriate to say I am only switching into second gear now. I have the beginning of the class behind me whether I am prepared for that or not. I have a lot of work to do and I have to check up to keep with the schedule I have laid out for myself. It is inappropriate and ultimately my own failing to fall behind. I have everything I need to accomplish my goal of being prepared for each class and completing ALL of the necessary homework to see the best improvement. It will be very slow and it will be consistent. There are no short cuts, I cannot speed up my study time and the only thing that can improve my study habits is hard work. I have to keep at it and put in the time, I have to pay attention and be very deliberate in my work. The material is there and I must go through it. I can and I have paid to do it, it is my job and it is my honor to have this high caliber of an education. I intend to work very hard and that starts tomorrow morning. Bright and early.