Role of Physician

Doctors as scientific ambassadors to the community. I think John was correct in saying this, only faulting in too short an explanation with too conservative of an estimation. I think it is accurate to call Physicians priests of the community, healers, counselors, confidants, scientists, politicians, educators and leaders. They range in their duties, more so as the years grow with the age of civilization, but I think there are many potential positions which medical doctors can hold. I myself am not sure to which positions I am interested in applying. As I sit together with groups of people, I am usually quiet, collecting as much as I can about the people there, their stories, attitudes and preferences. I take in facts, observations and pictures away to think through later. In fact, I think that I prefer to collect as much as I can to sort through alone, to write about, to think about and then to talk about. What is the purpose of life, this interaction, this thought? Sometimes it’s not worth asking, or else it would ruin a very fun, safe and adventuresome activity. But sometimes it is worth asking, and in fact, for me that can be even more fun to answer.