Many Hats

I want to be a healer, to help the sick become healthy. I want to be a counselor, to help the healthy stay healthy and to help the confused fight answers. I want to be an educator and mentor within my community, teaching those who seek out lessons and teaching small lessons to those who might not know they need them. I want to be a politician, to improve my community and provide one voice for the support of people’s liberties and happiness. I want to be a lawyer, to protect the rights of all individuals, whether they are poor or rich, and whether I agreed with them or not. I want to be a law enforcement officer, to be there for the helpless and in need, to be prepared for others when they need help. I think I want to be a physician. I have only one life to live, and so many lives to fulfill. I want to work as everything and as one thing. I want to be a medical doctor.