Field of Study

At first I chose to major in the field of Biology as a preparation for medical school but as I write this now, approaching my junior year in college, my reasons have changed. I have always appreciated science, its relatively new achievements for human kind and its perspective on problems and solutions, but now I am beginning to love it. After the Enlightenment, a rigid world of orthodoxy and dogma became less appealing to the majority of people around the world. Instead they created, and I've inherited, a world were class didn't determine ones station in life and instead ones future was determined by merit and ability. After attending college, I’ve gotten to see a wide range of people as well as a wide range of belief systems and I have seen science in a new light. When someone questions a foundational belief in science, and succeeds in developing experiments that disprove even the strongest tenets in a field, that scientist is given the highest awards. I like that system. I plan to serve in the Peace Corps after graduation for two years, hopefully assisting people in a foreign in developing public health clinics which they can then maintain with the work of their own people. After that, I hope to attend an osteopathic medical school to become a physician, possibly with further training in public health. I am not sure exactly what direction my life is going, but I know that my guiding principles will be the same as science; peace, understanding and service. I hope that maybe one day I may assist in national or international health as both a student, a scientist, and as a doctor.