I have a need to write a great deal down about Cosmos and I am very grateful to be able to do that on here, my unlimited tablet. Carl Sagan was a man who I think had great foresight and vision about humanity, our collective future, and the importance of science. I feel a lot of motivation after watching the thirteenth episode of Cosmos, both for my own future and for the future of humanity. I don’t believe it is over-exaggerated to say we are one world, one specie with one future that depends on all of us. We are not alone, but rather one world in a sea of billions of other worlds. The future of the universe is not a book written by us, but we are contributors. I think we have a chance to make quite a contribution. We could live on to make our future generations proud of us, grateful to us, and indebted to us.
I am not sure my role in that exactly, but I know there are a lot of things that I care about. I care about individual freedoms, rights of man, and science. I believe we have to observe the facts and change our own views if the facts say otherwise. I think that holding on to any fundamental dogmas can become a ball and a chain and that humanity leaps forward when it sees what it is carrying and then lets it go. If any observing creature from outside our planet was to observe us, it would see our differences as trivial in comparison to our likenesses. At first I wanted to find the transcript of the Cosmos episode to record here what I thought was best, but soon I gave up that idea as the entire video progressed to say not one thing I thought forgettable. We have responsibilities as humans, ones even our parents don’t have to tell us. Some, in that regard, that are silent our whole lives. We hear voices in our heads telling us what is right and what is wrong. For me, advancing humanity through compassion, understanding and reason is right. When I do something that makes me feel bad, it’s likely that that was wrong. There’s a lot in between too, I know, and trying to figure out what to do with all of that makes the experience that much more enjoyable, adventurous, exciting and…worth living.