My grandmother and I watched the movie Waking Ned Divine this evening and I learned a lot. I’ve seen the movie before with my family and got it for my grandma because I thought she would enjoy it. Throughout the movie she asked me about what was going to happen, she wanted to make sure there would be no suspense and she could know beforehand how things ended. “I like to know what’s going to happen so I can enjoy the movie,” she said. I refused to tell her, saying, “It will be okay, it’s a comedy and nothing bad happens, there’s no suspense.” That didn’t help her to feel any better however. Every twenty minutes she would ask atleast once and even until the very end she wanted to make sure nothing else was coming. Now this surprised me one because I have never seen someone do this as often as she did, but two because I had never seen her act this way about anything else before. Without giving it over-analysis I think it is fair to say that we all do this in some way. We all like resolution, we prefer to know when we are going to be scared or surprised, sad or humored, but life is never that way for us. All the same, maybe we can still look at life and tell ourselves, “it will be okay, it’s a comedy…” what’s the worse it can do, kill us?