First Diagnostic

I’ve just finished taking my first MCAT with Princeton Review. The Physical Sciences section went really well, I feel like I did very well on it although time did run out on me before I could finish all of the questions, so I had to guess on a lot at the end. Then I had the Verbal Reasoning section next which wasn’t bad either, I rather enjoyed it though I ran out of time with it also and I had to guess on a lot of the last questions. The real kicker came after lunch when I finished doing the Writing Sample which isn’t that big of a deal. The Biological Sciences section ripped me apart. I had the hardest time with the passages in the last forth of the section. I feel confident that I performed most poorly on that section in fact. It was very difficult and very fact based. A few of my impressions, I feel like taking the class will benefit me in many ways and most notably I think I will get a feel for the test. The timing should not be a problem after I take a half dozen practice tests and that will really help a lot. I know I need to study a lot and this really reinforced that for me. By testing on questions over and over I will get used to what is being asked and I will do much better, by knowing the material and knowing how to answer questions. I want to walk away from the test able to say, “I answered all the ones I knew I could, time wasn’t the issue, and the number of questions I couldn’t figure out were minimal.” This will take a lot of studying and work, which will not be as fun as taking the test. I will need to be dedicated and plan to study 20 hours a week for this class. I also plan to take atleast 3 more practice tests than the five we are given. I have found the Health Sciences Library which is nice for now, very quiet with plenty of cubicles and some nicer desks out in the open high traffic areas. I have walked around Shands Hospital, found a new entrance into the Communicore Building (where we took our test) and have done a good bit of work today. I think that I will be able to do very well and reap wonderful rewards from this program if I keep it together and make sure my focus stays strong. I met Joanna (Verbal Reasoning and Biological Sciences Instructor) who I think is a Senior at UF, took the MCAT when she was a Junior and scored atleast in the 95th percentile in those two sections. She was very sweet and helpful, answering my questions about the test, the answers, the class and suggestions. She said homework and practice tests are the way to go, but homework is extremely difficult. It is as difficult as it is important however, I would imagine she would say. I also met Kristen who is a Senior at UF, interested in Research and Infectious Diseases with Doctors without Borders. She is also very sweet, sweet enough to let me borrow and pencil and eraser which I haven’t returned to her cause she finished earlier than me. I look forward to class Tuesday where I’ll see Joanna and Kristen again, and she’ll see her pencil and eraser again.