Eagle Scouts

I think that as times change (old fashioned to "video gaming" for example) it is very wise to look at the past before you look at the future, just like you are doing John.
Some of the greatest motivation I had to achieve the Eagle rank came from seeing other Eagle Scouts in and outside my troop. Unfortunately, other Eagle Scouts became some of the greatest disappointments. Naturally all groups, regardless of the requirements and standards, have their less-than-desirable members. All the same, I think that the greatest people in history became great because they helped others around them succeed. They created what they desired to see and made sure that others demanded equally high standards.
As "marked men" as my Scoutmaster called Eagle Scouts, I think that we all share in an equal duty to make Boy Scouting what we desire it to be. I think that it is astute to call the Eagle Scout rank a "dubious distinction"; it is of uncertain quality and always has been. Since 1912 Boy Scout leaders and Eagle Scouts have had a responsibility to be the best examples of leadership and excellence. Ninety-three years later I think it's the same responsibility and that's what we all have to face now.
We are the new leaders for Scouting, even if we never step foot inside another troop meeting. We are to be great examples, first of all. Second, I think we should gather together in places like these where we can learn from and talk with one another. (Thank you, to whomever created this group) Third, I think we have a responsibility to our communities. We are the new Scoutmasters and mentors and we should make good on every opportunity we have to teach the next Eagle Scout. When we have done each of those three things, I guarantee we will see change, whether it's video games or canoeing that's on the cover of Boy's Life.