Crescent Beach!

After bouncing out on the Garden City “Beach Boys” before cleaning up, I hopped in a little Toyota Sienna to pay a visit to Gainesville and Crescent Beach, Florida. We, Elias “Sport” Hellstrom, Leighanna “The Loser” Hellstrom, Nat “The Man” Hellstrom, Judy “Big Momma” Hellstrom and Travis “The Dork” Hellstrom, took the eighteen hour round trip in stride. A little car ride never hurt anyone, and neither did a little sunshine. Florida was brighter while we were there, literally. With us came the sun that washed away the rain, complete with warm beaches, almost warm water and plenty of couches, beds and comfy settlings for little toddlers like myself who love to sit around and do nothing once and a while. Ohh, it was so nice.