Big Fish

I think what I love about Big Fish, now that I’ve seen it for the fifth time, is how real it is. The characters in it are real, both the ones from the stories and the one from the life of the son. We all weave together stories of our lives that we share with our friends, with our families and with complete strangers. We make sense of what we are going through by sharing it, reflecting it, asking about it with the people around us. In that sense we are all so similar and we all have something very intimately in common with one another. Stories have doctors, mothers and jerks, beautiful partners, witches and sons, we have people who help us see who we are and we have people who support us and let us be who we are. I haven’t met a person yet who didn’t have a story to tell and more importantly, a want to tell it. Who we are finds its way into our stories and then our stories become who we are, who we want to be and who we will be remembered as. “You become what you were always were, a very big fish.”