Beach Boys!

The attack of the "Beach Boys" starring Michael Sellers, Christopher McMillan, Josh McKinnon, Chase Vaughan, Matthew Conover and Travis Hellstrom. These fearless friends descended upon the South Carolina area like ravenous wolves...ravenous wolves that played Putt-Putt, sat in Jacuzzis, laid around on the beach to tan (only 3 of 6), played football on the beach, raced around on the GameCube with MarioKart Double Dash, pigged out at Fuddrucker's, Dairy Queen, Krispy Kreme, K & W Cafeteria, Texas Roadhouse Grill (don't ask) and then slept late into the evening. You ravenous wolves, behave yourselves! Ummm...I think I might be leaving early. You can eat my yogurt and clean up for me!