Twilight Los Angeles

Twilight Los Angeles theatrically documented the Los Angeles riots of 1992. I did not know much about the riots until today when we watched the movie. Beyond the initial issues of Rodney King and the trial against the accused assailants there were many other issues in the movie related to race, communication, compassion and hope. I feel very grateful for the opportunity I was given to see a piece of history which shouldn't be forgotten. People’s lives are inter-twined all of the time and we decide our destiny and how our lives should be played out with what we have. If I am rich or if I am poor, or anywhere in between I decide how I will play my cards, who I will be around and the changes I will make in my world, small and large. I felt like more than anything else Twilight called on me to decide who I was and what I stood for. The people in the documentary really stood out, good and bad, sad and tragic. I’ve had choices just like they did. I’ve have choices just like they do.