Sin City

Sin City is a movie about many things both entertaining and thought provoking. There is not simplicity exactly, but a way of explaining good and bad in the movie which make me wonder about real life and the world that we will inherit as we grow older.
On the one hand there are politicians and spoiled individuals, crooked cops, mercenaries and deranged, powergrubbing and cruel individuals. Then the audience finds itself behind cops dying for the safety of others, men seeking out revenge against the death of innocent victims, the lives of innocent victims themselves and the results of actions which may seem unusual, greusome, bothersome, violent but somehow right.
How can someone kill so many people, end so many lives and seem to be holding to something true. How can someone else kill an equal number of people in a seemingly identical fashion but do it in such a way and with such motives that the audience has a serious and deep hatred for them. Over and over, in segments within the movie which overlap each other, characters deal with one another, fight, suffer, live and die at the hands of each other and the audience watches. I watch a little girl protected, grow up, in danger again and then protected again as the result of men around her in each instance. I see another woman seeking protection, murdered, revenged and then her own sister protected by the same man who tried to protect her the first time. In another segment, a woman is protected, fought for, then another and then a group of dozens of women protected all by one man. I recognize that I am seeing through glasses, but I think that this lesson can be found amongst the many other messages weaving throughout the movie.
Iā€™m not sure exactly what directions my life might take, just as all of these characters were not sure, but I do know that situations will arise when I can use my abilities to help or hurt others. It is a choice and it is a charge, a viligance and a capability.