A Eulogy

I wrote this poem for my public speaking class on our very last speech.
A eulogy; written tribute, high praise or high commendation
I’m not here today to talk about one of my own relation
Instead I come to you now on our very last speech
To praise all of you and to thank you for teaching
Me tons of new things week after week

I’ve learned about golf, Sue Thomas, Vietnam,
Aruba, unicorns, manic depression and Mia Hamm,
Make-A-Wish Foundation and kapalvector bacteria,
Volcanoes, tsunamis, anorexia and bulimia,
Cauliflower ear, drinking water, PETA and golf grips,
Volleyball passing and rolling and how to pack cigarette tips,
I’ve seen NCAA brackets and chocolate chip cookies,
Vietnam and violence and some of baseballs best rookies,
Esophageal cancer, horses and how to t-shirt tie dye,
How to make movies and how to make lemon meringue pie,
Independent filmmaking and the very best in soccer,
And even an award for our class’s loudest talker,
John Paul the Second and how to make your own s’more,
Turtle cake, paper football, I wish there was more,
But’s that’s all that we’ve had if you give or take a few,
A dirty old man and a donut or two,
Thank you for class, it’s been a real pleasure,
Remember the brownies, chocolates and whatever you treasure,
You’ve been a great group and I’m glad I’m your friend,
Chelsea, James, Tim, Thomas, Shannon and Mr. Johnson,
Steven, Sherecia, Daniel, Gail, Chris, Brea, Kassie,
Alyssa, Clint, Denise, Jenn, Willy and Mandy,
Mila and Adrien, Ashley and Steve,
Thank you all again, with that I will leave.