I think it’s difficult sometimes to think about what you have as a reflection of what other people have given. To think about, for instance Josh’s ipod, as the collective care of five other people, the sacrifice of five other people for him so in that sense not really getting excited about the thing that he has but instead reflecting on what has been required to achieve that. I think that the joy I’ve had, two…three days before my birthday (and it’s not even over yet) has been great. I think not because my birthday was on a Monday and I’m going to have had four days to celebrate it, but I think because I’m surrounded by people like Josh, like my parents, like Jonathan, friends and family, who I’ve shown how much I care about them and they’ve shown me how much they care about me. I think I’m going to write notes in way to thank people who I’m not going to be able to see and thank in person through my actions, but the people who I don’t write letters to or thank you notes are people who I try to act on a daily basis of thanks towards and to let them know that I care about them and what they’re doing and that I appreciate their efforts and them being themselves.