I think we are all blessed to be around people who can change our lives and make our lives so much better, if we are ready to receive those people. I believe this because of the people surrounding me in my life. People whose middle names I know just the same as people whose first names I just learned. People who I’ve known for years as well as people who I want to get to know years from now. All of the people surrounding me can change me, help make my life so much better and provide me company on my journey if I am ready to receive them.
In Kitchen Table Wisdom, a counseling doctor recounts watching relationships missing this opportunity through the people she sees. Two physicians, partners in a practice together, both come to her separately telling her that they feel alone in their thoughts and feelings about practicing medicine. When she asked them if they could talk to their partner, they both respond that, “He wouldn’t understand.”
A cancer patient continues chemotherapy only because of the 15 minutes he gets to spend with his doctor. The oncologist suffers from severe depression and feels like no one needs him. He feels like no one needs him and he doesn’t matter.
I think about every time a pass a person and fight the urge to say “hi,” every time I think about my wants and needs and forget about the person who stands beside me. If I am ready to lead, if I am ready to help and serve, I will be ready to recognize my blessings…the ones I give to others.